Halal industry service providers are the community that the .Halal gTLD is designated for.AGIT_Logo_HALAL

HALAL is one of the most fundamental concepts of the Islam religion.

A .HALAL gTLD can be used by any of the Halal industry service providers (foods, healthcare, cosmetics, tourism, banking,… industries) who offer their products and services under supervision of Halal certification bodies and Halal standards around the world. Hence a .HALAL domain name will bring a symbol of trust to the Muslims who want to be served by the domain name holder.

Halal (Arabic: حلال‎ ḥalāl, “permissible”) is a term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law. The term is used to designate food seen as permissible according to Islamic law. The opposite of this word is haraam. For example, any kind of pork is considered not halal or is haraam, meaning that it is forbidden for Muslims. The .HALAL gTLD will be a community application with open registration to those who embrace the concept and requirements of Halal. Halal domain names will be policed to ensure conformance with these requirements.