.PARS  New Top Level DomainThe .PARS gTLD is intended for Members of the Persian Community who live in one of the countries: Iran, Georgia, Turkey, Armenia, the Caucasus, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan; people who wish to promote, participate in or learn about Persian heritage, language and culture and who use it in any way in their daily lives.

The .PARS gTLD is the name of the geographic location where the Persian community belongs to.  Every member of the community can trace its heritage ethnically and linguistically to the Persian people, and millions of residents of Middle East and CIS region, are descendents of the Persians who lived in the PARS land. There will be an instant connection to anyone in the community as to the meaning of .PARS, and the fact that community members will feel an affinity and self-identification with the .PARS gTLD